We're Cobh's kinda vegetarian sorta vegan cafe

Okay, so this may not be the best sentence to start with but, we do serve meat. Yes, the meat we serve is higher welfare and local.

We're not a vegan cafe. We just do vegan really, really well.

We know that finding vegan or vegetarian food in Cobh can be tricky (we know this because we have a vegan daughter), so we do our best to offer some seriously delicious vegan and vegetarian options. 

Now, a few things you need to know; we don’t think potato wedges and an avocado is a decent vegan meal. We don’t think that a plate of soft vegetables and tomato sauce is a vegan meal. We don’t think that a chunk of tofu is a meal. We don’t think there’s a vegetarian or vegan alternative to every item on our menus if we just replace x with hummus.

What we do offer is vegan and vegetarian options that are genuinely delicious. We also do our best to make other options on our menu vegan or veggie – within reason.

Just ask. We’ll try to veganify it or tell you if we can’t/shouldn’t. And we promise not to offer you a soggy lump of tofu instead.

We’re not a vegan cafe, but we sure do love to veganify.

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